Angela Jensen-Ramirez
Licensed Clinical Social Worker #66376




  Angela uses the attachment-based process of Emotionally Focused Therapy to move couples from pain, stagnation and fighting to deeper connection, understanding and lasting love.

Angela looks at your whole relationship through the integrated approach of assessing sex and intimacy issues along with emotional and behavioral interpersonal patterns.  In our sessions you will come to feel comfortable sharing some of the more difficult and private aspects of your relationship with Angela. 

Together we will use this trust as a catalyst for creating significant change events in how you process, communicate and develop lasting love in your relationship.


I have a passion for working with couples who are in turmoil and feel stuck in their negative cycle. You might fall into this category if you and your partner often scream and yell at each other and nothing ever changes or gets solved.  Maybe you feel hopeless that anything will ever change but you still want to stay with your partner and underneath it all you care for them.

It isn’t what we left behind

that breaks me

it’s what we could’ve built

had we stayed ~ rupi kaur



What do your fantasies say about your erotic mind?  How is Eros present in your every intimate desire and interaction?

Our sexual desires are not just ways we play with our partners, but they are also ways that we heal old wounds and mend past injuries.


I provide a healing and intimate space for couples to process affairs.  An affair can feel like the end of the world and you or your partners heart may be breaking.  Together, we can move through this difficult process and heal.  If you have recently found out about an affair or you are ready to come forward about having an affair, therapy can provide a safe place to bring healthy conversations back into your relationship.

Desire and excitement are essential components to creating and maintaining a long term romantic relationship. Yet all to often sex is the first thing to go when our lives become stressed or our relationship is having problems.  Sometimes our sex lives become so dire that we feel like that part of us has died.  I believe that sex and intimacy is critical to our own health along with our relationship health.  Together we will find the right kindle to ignite your relationship’s intimate fire.

Emotionally Focused Therapy is an attachment-based process that allows space for deep communication and relational process change that actually sticks.  Communication is more than, “I feel_____, when you_____” statements.  It’s connecting to our internal experience and sharing that with our partner in a compassionate and clear way.

About Insurance


All couples start with a 75 minute intake session at the regular rate of $190. Couple sessions after the intake are either 50 minutes at $140, or 75 minutes at $190.

Individuals will have a standard 50 minute intake at the rate of $140 unless otherwise discussed with the therapist. Fees are paid through a secure billing service. Sessions are paid at the time of service.


Currently, Angela is not on an insurance plans. Angela is happy to provide you with a monthly invoice of payments that you may submit for reimbursement to your PPO insurance plan as an “out of network” benefit. Please contact your insurance provider for details. Therapy sessions may also be covered by a Health Savings Account. 

It is the responsibility of the client to conduct any insurance or HSA reimbursement for my services.


When you choose Angela as your couple or individual therapist you are taking the first, and most important step, towards creating a space in your life and your relationship to focus on your health, your happiness and your-self.

Angela honors this time and holds this space for you and only you. 

Please allow for a 48 hour advanced notice of cancelation.

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