Fees and Policies


Individual Session: $125 for 50 minutes

Couple Session: $140 for 75 minutes

Couple New Client Intake Session: $210 for 90 minutes

Free 20 minute introductory phone consult for new clients.



Angela offers sliding scale on a needs and availability basis.  Please contact Angela to learn more about sliding scale options.



Please check with your insurance provider regarding out-of-network reimbursement for therapy sessions.



As your therapist, I am dedicated to providing all my clients with ethical counseling services.  Insurance providers do not recognize couples counseling as a medical code but instead ask for one individual in the couple to have a diagnosable code that is then used to allow conjoint family sessions.  This is a problem for my work because a couple dyad is therapeutically treated as one unit.  Not as one individual that has a diagnosis.  Therefore, I do not take insurance that requires that I set a diagnosis on one part of the couple unit.

Secondly, the individuals I see tend to fall under advanced specializations that I have for postpartum therapy and sexual health therapy.  These specializations are not recognized by insurance agencies as an advanced subset of skills.  (This would be equivalent to if you were to take special training in your line of work but your employer does not give you a raise for your advanced training, a step increase or even a cost of living increase.)



Therapy with Angela requires that you pay at the time of service.  Payment options include credit card, check, or HSA.  Upon request, Angela will provide you with a “Superbill” which is an invoice of the payments you have made that you can then submit to your insurance if desired.



48 hours notice of cancelation is required.



Upon termination of therapy with Angela, please allow for a final termination session.