Postpartum and Pregnancy

At Anew~Therapy we know that your pregnancy is special and that your child’s growth and development is paramount.

Secure attachment and healthy cognitive growth start with the mother and father’s mental and emotional health.

We work with young families as they transition through this new phase in their lives. We support our clients with targeted psychotherapeutic interventions that are shown to lower anxiety, alleviate depression, and help new parents regain their equilibrium.

Common questions that come up for new parents are:

  • How do we parent on the same page if we have different parenting ideas?
  • How will we stay connected when we are sleep deprived and taking care of a baby?
  • What if I have scary thoughts and don’t want to worry my partner or family?
  • What can we do to show each other care, compassion, and kindness?
  • How do we not attack each other, but come together to tackle problems?
  • How do we stay intimate and sexually connected?

Whether you are looking for individual or couples counseling, we understand that your relationship, your child, and your wellbeing are worth the investment of the care, compassion, and change found through psychotherapy.