Couples Counseling

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy was formulated in the 1980’s by Dr. Sue Johnson and has developed alongside the science of adult attachment and bonding.

The emotions that you experience in your relationship are directly influenced by your attachment bond.  

I share this information about Emotionally Focused Therapy because I believe it works.  I encourage you to learn more too!

If you are reading this page about couples therapy, it most likely means that there is something off in your relationship.  It can be really scary to reach out for couples counseling.  Maybe you have before and it didn’t help.  Or maybe you’re not sure if sitting and talking to your partner about really big issues that feel sticky and painful will do any good.

Your relationship can feel really overwhelming sometimes.

And you don’t have to navigate it alone.  You don’t have to find the answers yourself.  You don’t have to cry silently or angrily push your partner away.  Couples therapy can help YOU.

I am a relationship consultant.  I help to create an environment for you to talk about hard things.  I help you to better see the forest from the trees.  I help you to understand your self.

In knowing yourself, you know what’s right for you to do.

I help you to make the changes that are right for you.

Angela’s office affirms all people in their self identit(ies) and relationship style(s).

Here is a link to Dr. Sue Johnson, founder of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy.