Imagination Is The Medium- Use Your Mind To Create Desire

The human mind has some amazing ways of healing itself. Our day dreams, fantasies, and imaginary companions allow ourselves to expand out beyond the confines of reality and into a place of transformation.

Imagination creates desire. Imagination sets the butterflies swirling and is a key in creating arousal.

Imagination also heals trauma. It allows our brains to process events that we had no control over or threatened our wellbeing. Imagination allows us to wrap up those pieces of ourselves that have been undone.

Neurological science appears consistent in identifying the power of the brain to overcome a vast array of obstacles. We see this in the surge of mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and health offerings.

As a therapist that works with couples and individuals for relationship and sexual health, I get to witness brave people share with me some of the most intimate and vulnerable parts of themselves as expressed through fantasy and imagination. I help them to unravel the message given to them and assist them in being curious about their thoughts and how those thoughts might be healing.

I also see the struggle of shame and suppression. The fight between fantasy and “that’s not real“!, “come back to reality“!, “are you crazy“?!, “what’s wrong with you?!”. I also see the loops of destructive thoughts that perpetuate distorted thinking- especially amongst couples.

They might say, “how could you think such a thing”!

As if the fantasy, the day dream, the act of healing was a personal strike.

But once we can begin to own our fantasies and listen to them with curiosity and compassion, we can begin to change. Not just try on new ideas or overcome fear.

We can actually change our mind. Our reality. And we might even expand to embrace a broader range of ourselves and others than we have ever experienced before.

If all this sounds unclear, that’s okay. It’s not easily described- this somatic change that intertwines with our mind. It’s an experience.

As a human, you deserve that experience. Couples and sex therapy is not a “spinning your wheels” sort of therapy. Rather, it is an active experience of change. An opportunity to go beyond. And it starts with your imagination.

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