Couples Counseling, Postpartum, Sex Therapy

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Couples Counseling, Postpartum Support & Sex Therapy

Welcome to my website.  You’ve taken the first step towards a new process of healing potential.

I help my patients in the following ways:

    • Increase healthy ways of communicating your needs, desires, thoughts and feelings.
    • Identify the areas that are stagnant in your life and your relationship and assist in revitalizing connections.
    • Set mindful and intentional goals that will increase individual happiness.
    • Support you to cope and heal through infidelity, betrayals or unexpected problems. 
    • Educate you and assist you to practice skills designed to end arguing, blaming, nagging and shaming.
    • Build collaboration for parenting to create a more harmonious household.
    • Process birth traumas, changes in body/identity, and significant life transitions.
  • Explore physical intimacy and assist you to increase overall fulfillment of your sex life.
  • Help you to explore your values, attachment patterns, and negative cycles.

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