Integrated Couples and Sex Therapy


Couples Counseling

Are you ready for your relationship(s) to change for the better? If you’re tired of the same old negative cycles and worried about the future of your relationship, than it’s time to give Angela a call.

Sex Therapy

Let’s make space together to discuss some of the most sensitive and intimate subjects in your relationship(s). Your sexual health is central to relationship satisfaction and overall happiness.

Postpartum Support

Having a new baby is a time in your life when your whole world has shifted and changed in every tiny way.  It’s a time to be held and get support by those around you.  You are not alone.  Please click “here” to find out more.

What Makes Us Different.

Angela offers an integrated approach of couple and sex therapy that attunes to the whole of who you are, your partner(s), and your relationship.

Angela is a competent sex and relational therapist that works with couples who’ve experienced infidelity, marital betrayals, sexual dry spells, or who are wanting to explore new possibilities through understanding their sex turn-ons. Angela can help women who have persistent, recurrent problems with sexual response, desire, orgasm or pain. And she enjoys working with and helping all people who have sexual performance issues and are wanting to explore the psychological components of their sexual response- including past traumas and sexual assault.

Whether you have just had a baby and sex is not a topic your interested in, or your relationship is going through a life change event and you would like support to process, plan and move forward, or you just found out your partner has been looking at internet porn or having an relationship you didn’t know about, Angela can support your unique individual and relationship needs.

Angela is an incredibly talented therapist! She is warm hearted, kind, compassionate, and don't be fooled though, she'll also give it to you straight. I adore her and I highly recommend and trust her! I've even sent people her way because she really is great.
~ Anonymous


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